Stories She Is My Mom
With Christ, which is far better.

She Is My Mom

By Kathy Daniel

She is my Mom
Sharing my birthday
Loving and sweet
Accepting and forgiving
Compassionate and supportive
Her face lights up as I approach

She is my Mom
Loving our children and their children
Spending time
Praying for and encouraging them
Tea parties
The "teenage room"
Delighting in their achievements

She is my Mom
Loving my husband
Appreciating and trusting
Asking for counsel
Enjoying adventures, flowers and tea
Looking forward to his hugs

She is my Mom
Excited about learning new things
Using Dad’s shop tools
Computer skills
Traveling - England, Africa, Alberta, Hawaii
WhatsApp’ing to keep in touch during COVID

She is my Mom
Organized and thoughtful
Ready and willing
To garden
Prepare meals
Giving gifts – especially baby dolls, with hand-made outfits!

She is my Mom
Loving the Lord her God with all her heart and soul and mind
Praying for us
Studying and learning from Scripture
Using her gifts to serve
By being a friend
A mentor
And confidant

She is my Mom
Surprised and yet ready
In pain yet brave
Dying yet unafraid
Content yet concerned for those not ready
But … it is time to go home

She is my Mom


Gwendolen Rose with family