Stories Red Rose

Red Rose

By Amy Daniel

Granny's tea is the best kind of tea
Tea that brings everyone together
That is her greatest pleasure
Taking time to talk
Showing us that she really cares
Talking about heaven where she abides

With every cup that I fill
My heart overflows with memories
She would tell me all sorts of stories
Of times when she was young
One was about a cow
But that story can wait for now

When I was a child
We had fancy parties
Pretending we were ladies
Eating all sorts of special treats
Eating cakes, fancy vegetables and little muffins
With some of the cousins

When I became an adult
Tea time became more of an excuse for little visits
No more fancy cakes and little carrots
But still a time where I enjoyed
The fellowship of this God-honouring soul
Helping me understand faith, not in part but the whole

When the tea passes through my lips
It takes me back to a warm happy place
When she was full of love and grace
Finding myself reminiscing on times past
Especially those times when she exclaimed "what a riot"
I am so lucky to have time to remember with every pot

Eyes open from the day dream
With Granny's tea still in my hand
I see my cup is nearly to its end
Feeling my tears swell up in its place
Oh take me back to those warm and peaceful years
For all I have now are the sweet, sweet memories