Stories I Remember
With Christ, which is far better.

I Remember

By Christa Hildebrant

After riding 5-6 long hours to visit, I remember her big warm hugs to welcome me.

I remember her soft face on mine as she hugged me.

I remember her giggles. So many giggles.

I remember how she loved flowers. At the farm I remember daffodils and roses. In town I remember her sweet peas, roses, and giant hydrangea bush. She loved to show them to me and later we had many email conversations about the flowers we each had growing.

I remember how she liked to have the fresh breeze blow through the house. If weather was nice there were always windows open.

I remember her excitement showing me the new baby doll clothes she'd sewn since my last visit.

I remember her rushing to the tv room to record shows for us on VHS. She would send a box of movies home with us which was such a treat.

I remember her warming glazed donuts in the microwave for bed time snacks.

I remember the letters she sent with little pictures in place of words.

I remember her lists on the counter as she prepared big meals for the family get-togethers. Orange fluff for dessert.

I remember her serving tea after dinner so we could stay and talk longer.

Every year I got a birthday card, no matter how far away I was. She always remembered.